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About Me

At six years old I sat down to construct my first short story, The Monkey Is Loose. Using Word, clip art, and the binding services at Staples, those twelve short pages sat on coffee tables of everyone I knew. It wasn't very good, but I’d like to think that’s where my “career” in writing began. 


Two decades later, I continue to develop the skills needed to inform, entertain, and influence. I’ve held internships in major cities around the world at nonprofits, small startups, and in corporate environments. This led me to an interest in multicultural and multigenerational storytelling, particularly within the digital space. 


Beyond my professional experience, this site allows me to explore bigger ideas in entertainment and pop culture: What does the rise of streaming mean for cable? How does WandaVision tackle grief? Are we all just existential guinea pigs, trapped in a cage?


My portfolio consists of news reporting, reviews & films analysis, and multimedia work. You can also find my previous work on MuckRack

- Ilana Davis

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