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About Entertain | Mental

Movies, music, art; They have the power to influence, inform, and - most importantly - entertain. I want to know why (and how). Entertain | Mental is a blog to tell stories about stories in an ever-changing modern context specifically catered towards Gen Z audiences.  - Ilana Davis 



A collection of articles, short stories, and reporting. What is going on in the world? Can we learn from movies and television? How do stories shape our worldview? I don't know. It's all subjective. That's the fun of it. 



Video edits and Podcasts. Using Adobe Premiere, iPhone apps, and popular music, it's never been easier to create. Ideas that can only be explored through multimedia content (that can't otherwise be communicated through writing).



Tiny Planets: take a singular moment and turn that into a planet, because at that moment it was your entire world. Plus, additional photos from my travels around the world (13+ countries and counting!). 

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