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About Me

Existential from a young age, I am a self-motivated multimedia storyteller with experience writing and editing, and creating content that engages readers. I have a background in publications, startups, and corporate environments and can communicate complex ideas for wide audiences. I am most knowledgable in editorial strategy, pitching and ideation, and social media. Passions include exploring trending Gen-Z pop culture, traveling the world, and jigsaw puzzles.    - Ilana Davis 

Entertain | Mental includes Movie and TV analysis, journalistic reporting, creative writing, photo galleries, and multimedia work. 

Previous work can be find on MuckRack

About Entertain | Mental

Entertain | Mental was originally established in 2018 as a blog for recommending movies, TV shows, and music in the ever-changing streaming landscape. Over time it developed into taking these facets of entertainment and exploring their deeper meaning. Like modern myths, each scene, script, and lyric reaches wide audiences with the hopes of shaping their worldview. Telling stories about stories.

  • Can The Wizard of Oz  be considered an American fairytale? Were its symbols and themes of fruitful farmlands and the everyday man provide a beacon of hope for a nation recovering from the Great Depression?


  • The earthquakes, floods, and fires depicted in disaster movies of the 21st century - 2012, San Andreas, Greenland, etc. - rival that of stories found in ancient texts. Why do these images instill cataclysmic anxiety or existential dread as similar events unfold in our own world (if at all)?  


  • How did Wanda Maxifmoff’s constructed reality in WandaVision protect her from accepting and truly grieving Vision’s death? Was there a benefit in showing this fractured process to an audience grieving the effects of the pandemic in their own right? 


I don’t know. It’s all rather subjective. That’s the fun of it and Entertain | Mental is a space to ask these questions. What we consume consumes us; and that has the power to influence, inform, and - most importantly - entertain.  



Have a story idea or need recommendations? Send me an email or let's connect on social media. 

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