Image by Jeremy Bishop

The Second Wave

Short Story For Fiction Writing Course, GWU (2020)

How would the world's end arise? Does it happen with a series of overlooked events, or one swift wave wiping out civilization? In either case - what would you do?

Image by Aaron Burden

Memories of a Future

Short Story For Fiction Writing Course, GWU (2020) 

One Woman's tales from the pandemic year - remembered seven years later as life continues on. 

Image by Scott Webb

A House That's No Longer a Home

Feature Story For Feature Feature Writing Course (GWU, 2021)

My childhood home was recently sold, and I struggled to watch the walls and floorboards of youth ripped away along with the memories that came with that. But that's a part of growing up, isn't it? 

Image by Will Creswick

A Car Crash, Grey's Anatomy, & The Power of Neuroplasticity

Profile Piece for Feature Writing (GWU, 2021)

As a teenager, Casey Waggett underwent a traumatic brain injury from a fatal car accident. Now, she is studying medicine to help patients recover the way that doctors helped her. 

Image by Artem Bryzgalov

The Existential Guinea Pig 

Short Story For Creative Writing Course, GWU (2018)

What is the meaning of life? To run endlessly on a wheel that leads to nowhere, and piss where I sleep and shit where I eat? 

Image by amirali mirhashemian

A Thread of Trauma

Nonfiction Piece for Narrative Journalism Course (GWU, 2020) 

Does history, in fact, repeat itself? I look at my own family's history and how they survived the Holocaust as it relates to the last four years of America's political turmoil - culminating with the 2020 election.  


2020 Graduates Face Uncertainty With Hope

Article for News Writing Course (GWU, 2020)

Fear, regret, and a glimmer of hope: What does life look like for 2020 graduates? 

Female Bust

Mad Men & Misogyny

Contextual Analysis for Pop Culture Course (Vic U Wellington, 2020)

A contextual analysis into Mad Men's famous episode "The Wheel." How does this episode portray women and existing stereotypes within on-screen gender hegemony? 

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