• Ilana Davis

What's on Your Soundtrack?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This is a question asked to Sam on the season finale of Netflix’s recent series, Soundtrack. 

The use of music as a personal playlist for character’s lives takes single stories and experiences and makes them universal for individual interpretation. 

We are growing and developing into a society meriting personal growth and value, and Soundtrack so beautifully and tragically depicts this truth. Music doesn't age; the chords are immortal as are the emotions behind the lyrics. These songs and ballads will remain relevant so long as we need them to properly communicates the sentiments and fears that run through our minds.

No single character is defined by one genre, one artist, one song. Each moment guarantees a new perspective, each conversation fosters new knowledge and an expanded worldview. We are individuals of great wisdom and depth, not to be defined by a single identity or characteristic. 

This inspired me to create my own playlist. Just as the characters on Soundtrack were not defined by a single song or genre, my list is one that spans decades of music production, with strong lyrical masterpiece and soothing beats and engineering to accompany:

This is by no means an extensive list, nor is it representative of the music I listen to daily. But with each of these songs comes vivid memories and family road trips, of lost loves and dancing at a club late into the night. These songs portray my lowest points of depression and solitude. They portray you fun and pointless nonsense. These are my memories, and this is my soundtrack.

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